I contacted them again and they clued-up me that 'even though all documents are verified there are no garauntees that your account will be unlocked'.

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They can do what they want after it comes to turning you bad or on. French roulette is played on a European wheel, but the numbers on the board are laid out in a different pattern. Be careful and spend your money with a big cheese else! The payout could have been somewhat faster but it did appear a few days past what they perdicted.

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I told them, you gave me 40 bonus credit, cant you just abstract it out? Im like what is going on??? When you join a casino there are, in many cases, hopes that you would win a few money or at a minimum not lose it in just one meeting. Go take a look at their revolving winners on their loyalty bleep and you will see the alike winners over and over again daily. It's almost as someone is before a live audience the cards their end…. This is a casino and the house all the time wins. Their reason: you gotta ante at least 30 times first!! Along with online casinos this is really not an issue, however if you choose to post on message boards, etc Try keeping a low profile.

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I am trying to be meaningful,but en route for the point because after everything i did I recieved my payment at present as i was informed. Emails en route for them gets some scripted response! All the rage European roulette, on the other hand, there is just a single bottle green slot labeled zero. Reply well im a new member,as i did a withdrawal,of dollars,it was processed as a cheque,when i went to my balance the next day there was barely or so left,so i got all the rage contact with them,they told me so as to they prosessed my cheque,didnt receive it,had a email to prove this,got all the rage contact again,and asked them where it was,they told me they had deposit it back into my play account,which was a lie,i did not accept it at all,as i had withdrew money from my own bank balance to play,as im having this audited ,unhappy customer,so be careful Janice Cirone on September 25, Try not en route for get overconfident! I am going en route for a lawyer because what is episode is illegal so be forwarned this casino rips people off royaly. They say they have emailed me, although I have not received anything as of them. I plaed same game above rolls without bonusafter that i acid test few times same game practice approach between few hours same day after that sudently going bonus after 20 rolls and 50 rolls etc.

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Not to mention they have have a phone number! Keith mooney on Advance 25, Useless customer support ample stop!

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