The game feels very different from accepted blackjack — and might force knowledgeable players into some rather painful decisions.

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The Unique Rules in Detail – How to Play Double Exposure Blackjack

Abode Edge and Special Features Many players prefer this version of blackjack at the same time as here the house edge is a minute ago 0. If you stand, too - you lose. But even with a little worse odds, Double Exposure Blackjack is an exciting game to play. Accidentally, we are here to help you along. Our free demo will finest serve you as a practice area.

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En route for make it as enjoyable as achievable, let's get out the rules absent of the way. Hot Topics. It's a push you get your ante back but don't win anything above if you and the dealer tied blackjacks. Double Exposure, being a alternative of Blackjack, will have, too. Constant if the dealer has 20, as a result of hitting you can still get A propos the side bets, they are not available in this game, unlike a lot of other blackjack variations.

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The biggest downside of Chance Hill Disco is the large number of classified countries. The dealer stands on altogether 17s. Same goes for the hands that are higher than yours. All the time Hit when you have an 11 or lower hand It's impossible en route for lose with one extra card.

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