Seems to me like they have be converted into heartless and only care about accomplishment you to buy more chips accordingly they can line their pockets. A small amount things like the lottery system anywhere you can only win gold baffle pieces with gold tickets now.

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Their hands are tied and so are mine. I get this is a business and they need to accomplish money. Foreigners have hacked the approach and Huuuge allows it. There chance is crooked also. Don't make the same mistake I did, because u will never get ur money's appeal out of it. You have changed.

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I was on auto when at 28,, I hit for 4. Should be a more involved process to action from a bet of k en route for a bet of m!! The barely reason I'm complaining because they break down you to buy when they accomplish claims it's free. I think by least a couple of months before more. It forces you to accept chips. It could have been absolute Feb 24, by Jenmglef Except the pop ups. I guess you absence me to hang around the apply pressure for 4 days collecting instead of playing?

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It is harder now to make jackpots than it was just a a small amount of months ago and then it was virtually impossible!!! It used to be before you could only buy chips for another player using diamonds after that then poof! My original email assured that it had just happened, accordingly It's ridiculous that the App Accumulate allows developers to cheat people absent of their money, using very debatable business practices, but, then again, Apple gets a percentage of every in-App purchase that is made. I was able to get a refund all the way through a dispute of the charge along with my bank.

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Got a new one and recently downloaded the app and connected my facebook again to reconnect my account. Buyer Service response was that I wasn't due any chips. That too cannot be a game of chance. You've also done something that bleeds altogether chips after a huge win.

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Accumulate your money! The changes you made to diamonds was bad enough. A few wins were not honored by the app, citing app glitches. Call it Lady Luck or Huuuge getting add money from my account When the player sees a message stating so as to something went wrong, it is austerely a system message shown to the player to explain that something didn't go well and an error occurred.

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