Absolutely, some apps have managed to accomplish that… But for the most amount, the longer your name, the add likely your app will be rejected during the review process.

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IPhone game of the week: Path of Giants : $3.99/£3.99/AU$5.99

Awkward to what many people think, having successful competitors is usually a able thing. What would your favourite offline strategy games be for mobile? Auspiciously, these chums are happy enough en route for plonk their bottoms on the argument and let others clamber all above them to reach higher ground. Ascertain how they got some great ideas from Apple on how to abide their interface to the next aim.

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Anyhow, this is a living sandbox so as to will progress with or without your help. There are basically three benefits to examining reviews otherwise known at the same time as Review Mining … Uncover Features Your App Must Have First, take a look at what people are saying about your competitors…both good and abysmal. Keep the next version lean at the same time as well and ensure the best of the best is for the after that version. Each mission is a baffle that you solve by drawing lines for your squad of police officers to follow. When you successfully attain a significant customer base, you should think about retaining these customers all the way through unique promotions. Design You need a stunning design. Do your best en route for turn an unhappy or unsatisfied users into someone that understands there is a person behind the app so as to can be reached and cares a propos its users.

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